Dear Admin Momo

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Dear Admin Momo

Post  yukirukun on Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:52 pm

Dear Admin Momo,

Hi, this is your pal yukirukun, and I'm writing to you representing the whole of our small community. I realize that sometimes a topic needs to be closed because it's purpose has been served, but a lot of topics have closed recently that the whole group feels should not have been closed. Topics such as deck threads and trade threads, albeit sometimes off-topic, are still being updated when someone modifies their deck or thinks of a new trade. We may have a friendly chat about pen0rs or Miley Cyrus in the time between posts, however the thread will get back to the original intent when it's called for.

We, as a group, think that you may be "jumping the gun" on closing threads, and we would appreciate it greatly if you closed with more discretion or warning in the future, please.

~Yukirukun and the community

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